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JORD Wood Watch + Giveaway!!

July 28, 2016

There’s nothing better than having those go-to staples in your wardrobe, they’re the icing on top, am I right!? This summer its been all about denim, baseball caps and tees, all easy enough to throw on without putting too much thought into my outfit for the day (you know, the mom uniform). But there are times when I’m heading out to the grocery store, the splash pad or visiting friends and that’s when it’s always fun to throw a staple item on that will dress your outfit up a bit. Well guys, here’s my new-found love, the wood watch by JORD!!

If you know me, you know I like wood elements because of the natural simplicity it carries. So why not bring wood elements into your wardrobe? The JORD is a hand-crafted one-of-a-kind wood watch that looks amazing paired with any look. JORD watches are timepieces with a light weight modern design… really you can’t go wrong with one of these beauties on your wrist!

I haven’t worn a watch in so long because I haven’t owned one that is both good quality and classic enough to wear all the time with my day-to-day activities. But this modern Dark Sandalwood JORD watch is my favourite accessory to wear and if you’re someone who likes to wear minimal jewelry, this watch is perfect because it’s not flashy nor is it irritating to wear day in and day out.

JORD Wood Watch + Giveaway JORD Wood Watch + Giveaway JORD Wood Watch + GiveawayJORD Wood Watch + GiveawayThe collection of watches, from men’s to women’s, which JORD carries are phenomenal, there’s a fit for everyone. And because the packaging is so pretty it really makes it the perfect gift!

“Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”

JORD Wood Watch + Giveaway

Now on to the exciting part– I have teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to give one lucky reader a $75 e-voucher to their shop, plus just for ENTERING you receive a $20 e-voucher!!

To enter this giveaway, follow the link provided HERE and be sure to follow @woodwatches_com and @kassandradekoning on Instagram.
Winner will be announced August 5th.
All $20 vouchers will expire December 4th 2016.



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Updating Our Dining Area

July 25, 2016

When we were first time home buyers, I had no idea what specific interior style I was drawn too- our only concern was to have functioning furniture. Well fast-forward 4 years later and our kitchen has went though the most changes within our home. From tearing down a little half wall to multiple colours on the wall, it’s about time our kitchen has finally come together!

With my biggest DIY yet, last fall I decided to go for it and paint our kitchen cabinets grey, YUP grey, not white… I remember my father-in-law saying “grey? Hmmm”. Because grey kitchen cabinets were hardly known and I think most people remember the popular 90’s oak kitchen while grey was non-existent. But once my father-in-law saw them, it was a no brainer that grey suited this kitchen to a T. I’m still in love with the colour and it really flows beautifully with the rest of our home, plus now our dining area has  new table and chairs which really pull the whole kitchen and dining area together!

Our Dining Area UpdateBefore we moved in, 2012.Updating our Dining AreaOur first progress.How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets_-5Our kitchen now. (DIY Galvanized Sign tutorial here)How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Eventually, our dining area was in need of improvement. Our first dining set was beginning to fall apart, the leather on some of the chairs was starting to rip and the table top had been used and abused by two little boys. It was time to search for a new table and chairs! Let me start by saying this was the hardest decision to make for our kitchen area. I knew I wanted a thick wood table and made well to withstand our tough-loving family.

Soooo when it came to shopping at Leon’s, I fell in love with the Claira table with its X trestle style base and the Kingston traditional baluster farmhouse table. Both tables were beautiful, but then I saw the Helix table- it was the perfect balance of modern and farmhouse *the definition of my interior loving self 😉

Here’s the before aka half wall, vinyl flooring, baby blue walls…
Updating Our Dining Area with Leon's - Little DeKoningsOur Dining Area UpdateUpdating Our Dining AreaOur first progress- before we decided to paint the walls lighter. (I spy a baby Max!)
Updating Our Dining Area with Leon's - Little DeKoningsAnd here’s the after, quite the difference don’t you think!? Updating Our Dining Area - Little DeKonings

The Helix is very versatile (especially when I decide to dramatically change something up in our home) and it matches perfectly with the Stockton metal industrial style chairs that I absolutely adore and have been on a mission to own at some point!

Our dining table is one piece of furniture that gets used a whole lot! From dinner, crafts and my very own workspace, this table is reliable and swoon worthy. It’s everything we’ve been looking for to fit in with our needs and lifestyle of raising a family and all the shenanigans in between.

Our Dining Area Update with Leon's - Little DeKonings

To read more about our dining area transformation, visit Hello Yellow Blog and for an inspiring summer read visit Hello Sunshine!

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What Summer Is All About

July 19, 2016

Summer 2016, WOWZA, can we have you all year long!? Each and every summer has been better then the last, its no doubt because those two troublemakers of mine really know how to make it a blast! The boys play so good together and love the same things, sometimes its a good thing and other days they’ll be in a brawl over the blue tractor with the yellow wagon (colours are a big deal around here). We spend so much time outdoors soaking up every bit of sun and dragging the sand to bed with us at night- true story! We’ve always got a smile on our faces and our summer glow never gets old, and so, this is what summer is all about…

& This Is What Summer Is All AboutEating more strawberries then you can put into your basket, yessssss!& This Is What Summer Is All About

& This is What Summer's All About

& This is What Summer's All About

Summer 2016Skinny dipping in the kiddie pool, luckily he’s still young enough to get away with it…& This is What Summer's All AboutEating endless watermelon… those faces, classic. & This is What Summer's All AboutHanging out with your best bud.& This is What Summer's All AboutSkippin’ rocks & eatin’ snacks- he’s quite the multi-tasker.& This is What Summer's All AboutVenturing to new places- walking sticks, running shoes and bandanas are part of the getup. & This is What Summer's All About

& This is What Summer's All AboutWhen your boy picks you wild flowers <3& This is What Summer's All AboutTractor rides to the park, they never get old!& This Is What Summer Is All AboutHuntin’, fishin’, and lovin’ every day. That’s the prayer that a country boy prays… seriously *on repeat& This is What Summer's All About

& This is What Summer's All AboutRoasting marshmallows the size of your head.& This is What Summer's All AboutBotanical overload, my house has become a jungle!& This is What Summer's All AboutWeekend snoozes always. & This Is What Summer Is All AboutBeach days with our little water rats!& This Is What Summer Is All AboutThis Is What Summer Is All AboutCotton candy sunsets at the beach never get old.& This Is What Summer Is All AboutTurning 4. Soon we’ll have a JKer on our hands, ahhhhhhh!& This Is What Summer Is All AboutSparkler sword fights on Canada Day, totally safe!& This Is What Summer Is All AboutSummer decor inspo to the rescue! Tips and tricks for outdoor patio shenanigans, click here.& This Is What Summer Is All AboutWearing your fav jewels, 24/7.& This Is What Summer Is All AboutTime to switch up the decor and simplifying- you should see our garage, or maybe not (we need to have a garage sale asap).& This Is What Summer Is All About

& This Is What Summer Is All AboutSpending every waking hour with your bestie, brother and fam!

So they say the years are short and the days are long– that couldn’t be more true.

These are the memories our boys will remember, always. Can it get any better than this!?

Enjoy your summer, friends <3