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Belgian Nursery

May 26, 2016

The boy’s and I discovered the most BEAUTIFUL plant nursery within the outskirts of our city called Belgian Nursery! The place is packed with tropical plants, succulents, a huge cactus garden with cactus’ for sale that are the size of me! And of course they have your typical annuals, perennials and garden essentials available throughout the year. If you click here, you will see further details as to the peak times to shop for your favourite plants at Belgian Nursery. I managed to take a little pamphlet home that has a map of the place and good information about the products/ nursery. These guys know how to keep people coming back!

Belgian NurseryThe boys love this place, especially in the cactus garden where there are lots of cool looking plants and objects to look at, like that wooden snake ^Belgian NurseryI let the boys take turns pulling the wagon down each aisle and they would pick out their favourite flowers. I do have to watch closely or else these guys would have my wagon filled with flowers!Belgian NurseryBelgian NurseryBelgian NurserySo dreamy, I want to take every plant home to build myself a green house that I can just chillax in 😉Belgian NurseryBelgian NurseryBelgian NurserySometimes Max hops on for a ride. And there’s that pretty fiddle leaf fig I snatched up! I asked one of the employees about the fig trees and they said that every so often they will get 6 of them in at a time — they sell like hot cakes!!

If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, I highly recommend stopping by even just to take a look, it’s such a serene place!

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Life's Happenings - Little DeKonings

Life’s Happenings

May 19, 2016

So about all the radio silence, I know my mother-in-law was checking in for new posts and was probably secretly disappointed, lol sorry Frieda. Now that life is starting to slow down a little bit again, here’s whats been happening…

I’m continuing to blog for Hello Yellow, a blog by Leon’s Furniture. Over the past two months I’ve been hauling @%$ with bedroom and dining updates in our home, hence why it’s been a little quiet around here. With that Leon’s will be launching a Summer Catalogue similar to Hello Holiday, curated with plenty of bright and summery content, keep those eyes peeled in June, Wooo!

Here’s a few sneak peeks of what we’ve been up too lately, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve likely already seen some of these…Little DeKonings- Life's Happenings How beautiful is that night stand over in the corner. If you like barn board, this piece is from the Pine Ridge Collection at Leon’s — I’m obsessed! And the boys in mid-day chill mode, heyyyy Paw Patrol, we love you!
Little DeKonings- Life's Happenings This old ladder is from my dad’s shed and is now being used as a side table for our bed. The jute rope with the beads are plant hangers I miraculously whipped up to hang some plants in, but if your DIY isn’t so strong, Ikea came out with this amazing hanging plant holder!Little DeKonings- Life's Happenings These chairs!!!
Little DeKonings- Life's Happenings So the other day, the boys were putting soap in one of the empty water bottles sitting on the counter, I didn’t realize until after I filled the bottle up and began watering my fern that there were all these soap suds… thankfully this guy is still alive, phew!

Jack soccerWe signed Jack up for soccer and this following weekend will be his third game. We’ve came to realize how much more he loves farming vs. sports, and that’s ok! On the other hand, Max loves kicking the ball around and he’s actually pretty good at it so maybe he’ll be our lil sports guy. Our backyard is known as Jack’s farm where he goes out in the morning to do chores, like feeding the cows and in the afternoon he plows the fields with his pretend tractor aka the lawn mower with the t-ball base attached. We don’t actually have a farm in our backyard FYI!

Little DeKonings- Life's HappeningsThe boys are busier then ever and they fight like cats and dogs, but 1 second later they’re the bestest of friends. It’s been a blast watching the two of them grow closer and closer, sometimes people ask if they’re twins because they are almost the same size. Max is beginning to talk more and more. Every afternoon nap and before bed, Max always says “good-night Jacky” and waves, it’s the cutest thing. ever! Maxs loves his Daddy while Jack is the biggest momma’s boy. A few weeks ago, the boys and I found this dreamy place called Belgian Nursery where there’s thousands of cactus’ that vary in sizes, and every plant you can ever imagine. I’ll be sharing a post on this cool place soon 😉
Little DeKonings- Life's HappeningsI even scored a fiddle leaf fig — do you guys know how long I’ve wanted one of these!? I didn’t think they existed around my neck of the woods, was I ever wrong. He’s beautiful and is approx. 4 1/2 ft tall for $60, that’s a pretty good deal for around here.

Little DeKonings- Life's HappeningsA few Fridays ago, we had the privilege of having a few of the Leon’s team over to shoot our bedroom and dining area. It’s was a super cool experience and I’m so grateful to be apart of something like this, plus it was inspiring to witness how the whole process works in this kind of industry. Having the boys around the shoot was b-a-n-a-n-a-s, but we managed and I think I may have scared some of them from wanting to have children… or maybe they just thought my kids were nuts, welcome to my world!

And lastly, one of my BFF’s is getting married in June — I’m so excited and I can’t wait to be apart of her special day, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful!!


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May 16, 2016

Sometimes life is messy and untidy, mountains of laundry await, dishes scattered all over the counter and busy little bees racing around the house without any clothes on. These are some of my day to day happenings I deal with embrace as a mom and if your one too, I know you can totally relate. With Leon’s we are launching a campaign sharing the idea of how a perfect home is less about a look and more about a feeling, #YourPerfect moment.

How do you sum up that perfect moment in your home?

As a stay-at-home mom, each day can get a little interesting to say the least but yet we still have the same daily happenings. Somedays I’ve got it all together, I even change out of my pj’s and apply makeup, other days I’m constantly picking up toys, sweeping up dirt, wiping dirty little hands and faces or tending to the never ending list of household chores. There’s always that one certain time of the day which is always the same; the feeling, the chaos, my happy, their happy… dinner time prep. For the past 3 1/2 years of being a mom, from the very beginning this time of day has never been smooth sailing; it’s been overwhelming, we’ve had meltdowns, spills, monkey climbing gone out of control and attached to the hip moments. I love cooking but I don’t have the patience to follow cook books or online recipes with the usual chaos going down. I usually look at a recipe and eye ball the ingredients; I swear our dinners taste good, just ask my husband… I’m the wing-it mama! But the thing is, I have my little guys hanging out and helping me while I prepare and cook dinner. It doesn’t matter what the boys are doing prior to dinner time, they sense the cue and there they are right beside me. They’ve got their little bodies all over the island, butter knives in one hand and a carrot in another, they help me cook and they absolutely LOVE it!

#YourPerfect with Kassandra and Little DeKonings #YourPerfect with Kassandra and Little DeKonings

Why is this my perfect?

I’ve started to embrace this chaotic time of day… it’s messy but so are happy kids. Ever heard the saying “messy kids are the happiest!?”. Well, this is our not so perfect time together in the kitchen, making up new recipe concoctions and getting approval from my little taste testers. Our counters are full of dirty dishes and ingredients scatter the floor, but the house smells of deliciousness that we are about to devour when dad gets home. Once the door bell rings and dad walks through the door, I sigh in relief as I’m no longer out numbered- dad saves the day. The boys run to give dad a great big hug and chase him upstairs. It’s my time to finish up cooking dinner or clean up the mess while listening to the little giggles that whisp through our home. These are the times I reflect and think about how blessed I am to have my family surround me, how boring my life would be without them and all the messiness that comes with it. I feel as though I have purpose, to show and teach my kids about our traditions, how our family works together and important lessons they will someday pass on… like how to cook amazing meals for their wives *wink wink. Even if the boys turn our kitchen upside down, it’s still a perfect feeling of having them surround me wanting to help. I know someday these moments won’t always be there, so in the present midst of chaos, this is #MyPerfect