August 16, 2016

I can’t believe the day has come where I have been planning out Jack’s first school lunches and I will have a JK’er come September, I might cry! As scary as it is to let go of all control over your child, I know that this is going to be such a wonderful experience for Jack. If you would have asked me a year ago if Jack was ready for school, I would have said no and that I was planning to keep him home for 2 of the 5 days. Now that we are inching closer and closer to the beginning of school, Jack has really matured and I can tell from our conversations about school that he really needs this educational structure and experience- he’s ready!

As much as I wish I was the mom that could sit down each day with my children and teach them the letters of the alphabet or how to count too 100, I know this type of learning is something Jack will most likely enjoy more surrounded by other children his age and a teacher that isn’t his mom. Truth be told, sometimes I feel pressured that I should be teaching Jack his numbers or letters and so on, but then I think why? Isn’t that what school’s for? Is my child going to fall behind because I wasn’t teaching him to count too xxx before JK? I don’t think so. It’s OK, I mean my 4th grader will probably be better at math then me anyways! But right now, Jack has a whole future of school to learn those important things, and after-all, that is why we send our children to school. I love spending those first few years of my boys’ life by taking them to the park to explore, to learn about animals, how to grow vegetables or to cook a mighty meal, and so on. These are the things that we enjoy doing together which carry on questions and conversations, sometimes the beginning of a growing passion or the way our child’s character becomes defined. It’s all ok. As parents we are the teachers of life, we don’t have to be the school teacher too. We are there to cheer and encourage, to help them when they are struggling, to push them and to reward them, to teach them right from wrong and that every mistake can be turned into a learning experience.

Now lets #TakeBackSchoolLunch and I will be sharing a few ways to get creative with your child’s school lunch!


Jack loves to watch me cook and prepare food which is great and hopefully by the time he is 6, he’ll be packing his own lunches ūüėČ ;). With Wayfair, I’m giving a little spin on Take Back School Lunch!¬†Instead of lunches being average for our children, let’s make them their lunches fun and exciting, colourful and organized!

My boys love to eat an assortment of food and by giving them a variety of foods, they can “choose” which food they want to eat first. Jack loves sandwiches and what I love about sandwiches is that they an easy way to sneak in the veggies… you know, chop them up super-duper small so that they can’t find or taste them, it seems to always work!

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make lunches fun + easy.

Food with Shapes —¬†One of Jacks favourite sandwiches’ is a tuna sandwich filled with cheese and cucumber, he always gobbles it right up. By cutting the sandwich into 4 pieces and cutting off the crust (yes I’m that mom and my kid is that kid) it’s much easier for him to hold and eat without falling apart. And to take that sandwich to a level 10 of awesomeness, I use cookie cutters to indent shapes into the bread! Cookie cutters are also great for cutting out cheese, fruit or veggies into fun shapes that just boost food into another level of fun.
#TakeBackSchoolLunch - Little DeKonings Blog #TakeBackSchoolLunch - Little DeKonings Blog

Food Kabobs — Simply layer food groups together onto a wooden kabob stick and VOLIA, your kid thinks it’s the coolest thing, I swear! Below, I made two different variations, a fruit kabob and a meat, cheese, veggie kabob. I pair the kabobs with other foods to create a balanced meal. This method of preparing food is even fun for me, I love thinking up new food kabob¬†concoctions and the kids love pulling them off the sticks.

#TakeBackSchoolLunch - Little DeKonings Blog #TakeBackSchoolLunch - Little DeKonings Blog#TakeBackSchoolLunch - Little DeKonings Blog #TakeBackSchoolLunch - Little DeKonings BlogThe container used here is the Sistema Klip It Lunch Cube To Go Food Container.

Add stickers — ¬†Jack loves stickers and I know that once he opens his lunch and discovers there are stickers, he’s going to be the happiest kid at the lunch table. I think stickers are perfect because they don’t distract your child from eating, yet they are something fun to look at and enjoy during lunch time.

An Organized Food Storage Container — To help keep an organized lunch without having to go through a million ziplock bags by the end of the school year, using a compact food container is not only environment friendly but strategically laid out for lunches. These storage containers by Bento¬†are perfect for little ones; the main container lid holds two ice packs to keep your child’s meal fresh and cool for meal time while the whole kit comes enclosed in an insulated chiller bag in awesome prints your child will love!

#TakeBackSchoolLunch - Little DeKonings Blog

And there you have it, it’s always worth going the extra mile when it comes to your child and their lunches, they never disappoint ūüôā

#TAKEBACKSCHOOLLUNCH with Wayfair + Little DeKonings Blog

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A simple and easy tutorial on how to make your very own wood framed calligraphy sign! A little paint and wood can go a long ways. Click to view the step-by-step tutorial.

How To Make A Framed Calligraphy Sign

August 15, 2016

Hello friends… I hope you are enjoying your week!

(Side note: this post was created 12 months ago and for some reason I never hit the publish button, I thought I’d share it anyways)

I just want to take the time to say thanks to my dad, because without his expertise and craftsmanship, most of these DIYs wouldn’t be as great as they are. I’ve learned so much about building and constructing projects and it’s because of him. Someday I’m sure he will let me get my hands on the chainsaw, but in the meantime, I think he and I would prefer that I keep my fingers and let him do the job.

I have had this framed calligraphy sign hanging in my house for quite sometime, but time after time, this project got left on the back burner. Sometimes I find myself starting ten projects before finishing one. Here it is, composed and ready for you to see.

How To Make A Framed Calligraphy Sign

¬†DIY Framed Calligraphy Sign Step 1Step 1: Make a wood frame. Measure the size of your MDF board, the size will depend on how big you want to create your sign. As you can see in the first photo, we cut in on one side of the wood, this is so that when we put the MDF board on top, it will fit flush with the wood frame.¬†DIY Framed Calligraphy Sign Step 2: Paint the board.¬†Once all of the wood cutting is finished, begin painting your MDF board. I went with some leftover while eggshell paint. I would recommend painting the board with water-resistant paint so that later on you can erase any pencil marks without the paint bleeding (I used Behr paint from Home Depot). Also use a paint finish that isn’t so glossy, or else the board will pick up noticeable glares when hung on the wall.¬†DIY Framed Calligraphy Sign Step 3Step 3:¬†Apply your wording.¬†Because I’m lousy at handwriting, I printed off a favourite font (one word fit onto one sheet of 8×10 paper). Cut out the word and using a pencil shade in the back, tape word onto MDF board, trace over each letter with your pencil and then begin painting the letter! — I’m officially out of breath typing this whole step!¬†
DIY Framed Calligraphy Sign Step4Step 4: Securing and hanging the board.¬†Using tiny nails, insert into wood around the edge of frame, but behind the MDF board (you can use a hammer too). Using pliers bend them to secure board into place. Next add a saw tooth hook onto the back of the board to hang onto the wall. And that’s it — Hang and enjoy!

How To Make A Framed Calligraphy SignHow To Make A Framed Calligraphy Sign
This DIY framed calligraphy sign was inspired by House of Belonging and you can visit her shop, here.


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DIY Lemon Stamp Art with the Kids

August 4, 2016

I can’t believe we’re already into August and although I’m excited for pumpkin spice everything, I never want to say good-bye to summer. It’s just so refreshing to sit on the patio and watch the kids play into the evening, the warm thunderstorms and hot days spent at the beach or adventures on the farm. Those simple things make summer the best!

But before summer turns into another school year, there is one craft I want to share with you–
If there is any craft my kids would choose over any other, it would be painting! The boys love to use paintbrushes and even their little fingers to create art or just another reason to get messy on a rainy day. Also, at this age it’s a great learning opportunity to teach Jack how to mix colours together to create another colour… it’s pretty mind-blowing for a 4-year-old!



‚ÄĘ 1 lemon
‚ÄĘ paint
‚ÄĘ art paper (thick enough it wont crinkle)
‚ÄĘ picture frame

DIY Lemon Stamp Art - Little DeKonings DIY Lemon Stamp Art - Little DeKonings DIY Lemon Stamp Art - Little DeKonings DIY Lemon Stamp Art - Little DeKonings DIY Lemon Stamp Art - Little DeKonings

What I love about homemade crafts and artwork created by your sweet lil babes is that it will always something you will cherish. Whether it’s framed and on display in your home or in a memory box, these are simple little keepsakes created by those tiny little hands that one day won’t be so little anymore. These little pieces of art are their first proud “I made this for you, Mom” moments that just make your heart melt!!

A ¬†little keepsake made with love…

DIY Lemon Stamp Art With The Kids

To get the full tutorial, head on over to Hello Yellow¬†and for more summer inspiration create by a few talented Canadian bloggers, visit Hello Sunshine ūüėČ

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